"I’ll show you a Rage Quit.”

Someone to Save You - OneRepublic

I need you to be my Hodor. I have to ride on you like Bran Stark. Just pick me up. Pick me up, Hodor (x)

i want a bagel w strawberry cream cheese rn „„, ??


i just really wanted to draw blake for some reason ;w;


i just really wanted to draw blake for some reason ;w;

Anonymous: Oh fuck and just let people have their personal preferences when it comes to sex. Don't shame 50 shades when it's honestly great and all about preference. What people like in the bedroom is none of your business to shame


oh my god ok sit the fuck down

i dont care about peoples’ personal preference. i’m part of the BDSM community. you think i’m going to shame BDSM, hilarious. no. i’m a masochist, and i know how it works. i know that sadists take care of the people they’re dominating, and i know that sadists ALWAYS have CONSENT to dominate them, and do so safely and with respect

our issue has nothing to do with “preference when it comes to sex” or “what people like in the bedroom”

this book glorifies and romanticizes STRAIGHT-UP ABUSE, not only in the actual sex but in the relationship itself

the BDSM community is about safe, sane, and consensual - 50 shades has NONE of those, and it’s an insult to call what’s in this book BDSM

it is actively promoting an abusive relationship, and it is teaching its readers and viewers that that’s an okay relationship to have when it is NOT in any way acceptable

not only that, but it’s also teaching those readers/viewers incorrect BDSM practices - what if somebody thinks they’re hot/safe/whatever practices and tries them? there’s SERIOUS injury and risk involved in the malpractice portrayed in these books

BDSM is awesome. abuse is not. do NOT tell me that they are equal.

rt life + snapchat 2/?

  • Ryan in Minecraft: Ahh! Sorry! I didn't mean to hit you, I was trying to miss! Now I feel bad...
  • Ryan in GTAV: [Blows up half the city, murders the entire crew, punches people "on accident", hops in the car, gives everyone 3 stars immediately]

the destiny beta is fucking great